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Can Virtual Reality Replace Reality?

public domain from pixabay

Virtual reality is an artificial environment experienced through sensory stimuli from  a computer and where your actions determine what happens in the environment. The picture on the left is a Google Cardboard which you can wear to experience virtual reality. There are many disagreements about it virtual reality is good or bad. Here are some of the pros and cons of virtual reality:


  • People with disabilities, for example, paralysis, can experience walking.
  • Can experience things that are impossible.
  • Can be used in various fields: People training can have a more realistic practice. Can be used in various fields such as military, education, health care.
  • Gives detailed views: Can make tourism easier. People can plan their trips by seeing the locations.
  • Helps connect with people.
  • Can use it for school: Teachers can use it at school to show students different countries or places they are learning about.


  • People can get addicted to the virtual reality world.
  • Training is not accurate: If someone uses it to train for work, they can do it in virtual reality but might not be able to do it in the real world.

In my opinion, virtual reality would be more beneficial. You can learn and experience new things. It can also be educational and help the disabled.